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Our Beginning:

We began as a side school project for 3 full time students of all different levels and disciplines. We began with the name "Numu", created in a random brainstorming session trying to alleviate the association between our burger name and what it is made of. To us, Numu had no meaning.

We stuck with the name because it sounded catchy and we wanted to create a new word that would not be associated with anything other than itself. Like when you think of "Pringles", which are just chips.

We went on to compete in various competitions under this name until things started to pick up speed and we decided to draft up a founders agreement. It was then that we learned we could no longer use the name Numu because of copy write.

Thus, Protein Responsibly was born.

While we will continue business as Protein Responsibly, we would like to highlight our humble beginnings and we will always be grateful for where Numu has taken us.

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